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The Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors

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In most bathrooms, shower doors are considered the centerpiece. While they are for practical purposes, they also provide appeal and style to the bathroom. Some shower doors are surrounded by metal framing and hardware, which may detract from the beauty of the bathroom’s tile or solid surfaces. Frameless glass shower doors are an attractive alternative to framed doors. They convey a clean, modern feel, and can greatly impact the visual aspect of the space, for example, by making the area seem larger. Additional benefits of frameless shower doors include:

A frameless shower door is not limited to one standard size, which adds more flexibility to your shower installation.

Modern Style
Frameless glass shower doors have a streamlined, updated look because there is no metal support in view. Your bathroom space is opened up with the seamless, minimalistic design of frameless shower doors in Frederick, MD, from Midland Glass.

Easy to Clean
Frameless doors are easy to clean and are much less likely to incur mold or mildew because there aren’t a lot of places where water can collect.

Easy Installation
Unlike a framed shower door, which relies on metal supports and is made from thinner glass, cost-effective frameless shower doors don’t require heavier glass and are easier to install.