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Ways to Customize Your Garage Doors

Custom Garage Doors in Baltimore, MD |

Many homeowners have made it a priority to increase their home’s curb appeal with custom garage doors in Baltimore, MD. Garage doors have become as much of a focal point as the roof, siding, or the front lawn. When you are ready to install new garage doors, consider giving your home a fresh look with unique garage doors.  The following are some ideas to think about as you figure out what style best fits your needs in looks, performance, and price:

Carriage House Doors
These doors have the look of “Old World charm” and work well with traditional architectural styles. They operate like any standard door and can be made in a finish that ties in with your home’s front door if you want.

Raised or Recessed Panel Doors
As the most popular style for garage doors raised and recessed panel doors evoke a traditional look with a modern feel. They are typically painted in one color for the entire door, but you can paint the panels with a complementary color for a unique style.  

Flush Panel Doors
Flush panel garage doors look good with contemporary architecture because both feature clean lines. You can choose a contrasting color for the door frame or any kind of finish you want.

Aluminum & Glass Doors
A glass construction offers better illumination compared with other door styles. Your design options are limited, but you can tint the class for privacy.

Wood Doors
If you like a handcrafted look, consider cedar, mahogany, or other hardwood options, which can be unfinished if you want to paint them yourself.

The Importance of Storefront Glass

Commercial Glass Doors in Washington, D.C. |

Any kind of storefront glass is important to the image of a business. From restaurants to boutiques to hardware stores, and more, no matter your business, appealing storefront glass goes a long way toward making your business a place that people want to be in.

Your storefront windows are the first thing that a customer sees; that first impression is your brief chance to appear inviting, welcoming, and attractive. Anyone who looks in can see what you have to offer, the look of the store, and view any of your window displays. Midland Glass provides stunning commercial glass doors in Washington, D.C., and throughout Maryland. Rely on an experienced team to make the difference between a customer coming in your store or walking past it. With our help, you can even order a custom glass that will match the type of business you own.

There are several considerations when you are replacing your glass storefront doors. You want to consider appearance, durability, and weight. You can also customize the look of your doors with architectural glass, which makes your business stand out from others. Create a unique look and make a statement with custom fabricated and installed glass storefront doors and windows.