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Common Repair Issues on Garage Doors, Part 2

Garage Door Repair Near Me in Baltimore, MD

To continue our blog about “Common Repair Issues on Garage Doors,” we list additional problems below.

Garage Door Jerks or Vibrates When Opening
In the case of a vibrating door, you may have damaged or broken lifting cables. To be sure you can check the tracks on each side of the door. If the tracks are okay, then a roller may have broken or come off its track. No matter which of these issues is the cause, a garage door specialist needs to make the repair.

Garage Door Makes Loud Noises
A loud noise is usually caused when one of the vertical tracks on each side of the garage door has been bent or twisted. Call a garage door technician at Midland Garage Doors for an affordable and efficient repair.

Garage Door Remote Does Not Work
A malfunctioning garage door remote is one of the most common issues. Check to see if the problem is with the battery before you do anything else.  If the batteries have been properly inserted, do they need to be replaced? If the issue persists, refer to the manual and reprogram the remote.  

Garage Door Does Not Respond to Control
If the door doesn’t open, there may be an issue with the photo-eye units. This may occur whether you are using a wall controller, remote, or keyless entry. If the lights are off in the photo-eye units, turn the breaker on and off and then test the electrical outlet. If no luck, and you’re ready to get an answer about where there is a reputable company for “garage door repair near me in Frederick, MD,” call Midland Garage Doors at (240) 629-8095 for top-notch help.

Common Repair Issues on Garage Doors, Part 1

Garage Door Repair Near Me in Montgomery County, MD

Many homeowners wonder whether to repair or replace a garage door that may not be running as smoothly as it used to. With such a large piece of equipment, something’s bound to go wrong over time. For example, maybe it has started to sound noisy or slowed down a bit. The good news is that most issues with a garage door can be repaired, which saves you the need to invest in a new garage door. A couple of the most common—and easiest to repair—issues with garage doors include the following:

Door Closes Partway and Opens Again
This issue is typically with the door opener rather than the door itself and may be caused by misaligned photo eyes on the safety reversing system. If you can, try to realign the photo-eye units, but if there are damaged or severed wires, you need to hire a garage door technician.

Door Opens and Closes More SlowlyIf this is the case, the door’s spring system has probably lost tension or broken, which makes the door opener work harder than normal. If you test it by trying to open the door with the emergency release cord and it feels heavy, it’s most likely that a spring is broken.

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