Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Near Me

The garage door in your home or business adds value to your property. In addition to the many uses of your garage, an attractive garage door adds curb appeal and aesthetic value when it’s well maintained and working properly. If you aren’t sure about whether it’s time to replace your current garage door consider the following questions that should help you make your replacement decision.

Does Your Garage Door Sag?

Wooden garage doors are prone to sagging if they have not been regularly maintained. If the wood rots, decomposes, or deteriorates for another reason, sagging can be a serious problem. A sagging garage door, no matter what material it’s made from, is not safe.

Is It Noisy when Opening and Closing?

If your garage door is loud and noisy when it’s opened and closed, it’s probably time for a new garage door or a significant repair at the very least. The shakiness and consistent noise are indications that something is broken in your garage door and need immediate attention.

Difficult to Close and Open

Is your garage door getting harder to open and close in one smooth movement?  If so, it’s probably time to replace it rather than going for extensive repairs. If the garage door is relatively new, it might make sense to look into repairs; otherwise upgrading to a new one is the way to go.

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