New Commercial Door Solutions

At Midland Garage Doors, we proudly offer a series of commercial doors for clients throughout Frederick, MD. Our commercial overhead doors include roll-up doors that fit in spaces of all sizes. Work with our overhead door company today for more on our products and services.

Commercial Overhead Doors

Learn more about our complete commercial overhead door product line below. We have the perfect product to suit your commercial, industrial, agricultural, or loading dock door application.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Doors

Commercial sectional garage doors are appropriate when thermal efficiency and security are a concern, where window space is desired for light or visibility, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Sectional garage doors also operate quietly and generate little noise in windy applications. They require significant backroom or headroom, depending on the application. The steel sectional garage doors include thermal, ribbed, rail and stile, and raised panel doors. Sectional products are a perfect fit for commercial and industrial loading dock door applications.

Ribbed Steel Doors

Ribbed Steel Doors

We offer 20, 24, and 25-gauge ribbed steel doors. They are heavy duty and affordable. We offer a few models that will work as alternatives for applications requiring economy and reliability in a lighter gauge commercial door. This variety is ideal for use in service stations, auto dealerships, and warehouses. Loading dock accessories are also available.

Aluminum Full-View Garage Doors

Aluminum Full-View

If you are looking for open visibility, natural light, and a modern, industrial design, the aluminum full view door will suit your space. The full-view can be used as an exterior garage door, an interior “partition,” or even as a versatile patio door to merge indoor and outdoor spaces. This variety is well-suited for restaurants, service stations, car dealerships, fire stations, or industrial spaces requiring maximized daylight views or a distinct contemporary architectural appearance.

Rolling Steel Large Door

Rolling Steel

Commercial rolling doors are appropriate in demanding environments requiring maximum durability and security. Because of minimal backroom, headroom, and sideroom requirements, rolling doors are able to fit in tight spaces not appropriate for sectional doors. Constructed of interlocking slats that wind around a barrel, the rolling door family includes service doors and counter shutters. Security grilles also fit into this category.

Red Fire Door

Fire Doors

Commercial fire doors are specified in facilities that require a listed fire door in a rated fire wall. Fire doors are normally provided with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165 F. Smoke and heat detectors or a building's alarm system can also trigger the door's descent. The fire door family includes both service doors and counter shutters.

Specialty Commercial Door

Specialty Doors

We offer a range of specially designed doors including high-speed doors, break-away doors, Crown Hydraulic lift doors, walk-thru doors, and flip-up doors.

Rolling Grilles

Rolling Grilles

We offer a complete line of security grilles, including upward-coiling grilles and side-folding grilles to meet your specific needs.

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