Common Repair Issues on Garage Doors, Part 2

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To continue our blog about “Common Repair Issues on Garage Doors,” we list additional problems below.

Garage Door Jerks or Vibrates When Opening
In the case of a vibrating door, you may have damaged or broken lifting cables. To be sure you can check the tracks on each side of the door. If the tracks are okay, then a roller may have broken or come off its track. No matter which of these issues is the cause, a garage door specialist needs to make the repair.

Garage Door Makes Loud Noises
A loud noise is usually caused when one of the vertical tracks on each side of the garage door has been bent or twisted. Call a garage door technician at Midland Garage Doors for an affordable and efficient repair.

Garage Door Remote Does Not Work
A malfunctioning garage door remote is one of the most common issues. Check to see if the problem is with the battery before you do anything else.  If the batteries have been properly inserted, do they need to be replaced? If the issue persists, refer to the manual and reprogram the remote.  

Garage Door Does Not Respond to Control
If the door doesn’t open, there may be an issue with the photo-eye units. This may occur whether you are using a wall controller, remote, or keyless entry. If the lights are off in the photo-eye units, turn the breaker on and off and then test the electrical outlet. If no luck, and you’re ready to get an answer about where there is a reputable company for “garage door repair near me in Baltimore, MD,” call Midland Garage Doors at (240) 629-8095 for top-notch help.

Common Repair Issues on Garage Doors, Part 1

Garage Door Repair Near Me in Montgomery County, MD

Many homeowners wonder whether to repair or replace a garage door that may not be running as smoothly as it used to. With such a large piece of equipment, something’s bound to go wrong over time. For example, maybe it has started to sound noisy or slowed down a bit. The good news is that most issues with a garage door can be repaired, which saves you the need to invest in a new garage door. A couple of the most common—and easiest to repair—issues with garage doors include the following:

Door Closes Partway and Opens Again
This issue is typically with the door opener rather than the door itself and may be caused by misaligned photo eyes on the safety reversing system. If you can, try to realign the photo-eye units, but if there are damaged or severed wires, you need to hire a garage door technician.

Door Opens and Closes More SlowlyIf this is the case, the door’s spring system has probably lost tension or broken, which makes the door opener work harder than normal. If you test it by trying to open the door with the emergency release cord and it feels heavy, it’s most likely that a spring is broken.

Contact Midland Garage Doors when you are wondering about where services for a “garage door repair near me in Montgomery County, MD,” may be.


Ways to Customize Your Garage Doors

Custom Garage Doors in Baltimore, MD |MidlandGlass.net

Many homeowners have made it a priority to increase their home’s curb appeal with custom garage doors in Baltimore, MD. Garage doors have become as much of a focal point as the roof, siding, or the front lawn. When you are ready to install new garage doors, consider giving your home a fresh look with unique garage doors.  The following are some ideas to think about as you figure out what style best fits your needs in looks, performance, and price:

Carriage House Doors
These doors have the look of “Old World charm” and work well with traditional architectural styles. They operate like any standard door and can be made in a finish that ties in with your home’s front door if you want.

Raised or Recessed Panel Doors
As the most popular style for garage doors raised and recessed panel doors evoke a traditional look with a modern feel. They are typically painted in one color for the entire door, but you can paint the panels with a complementary color for a unique style.  

Flush Panel Doors
Flush panel garage doors look good with contemporary architecture because both feature clean lines. You can choose a contrasting color for the door frame or any kind of finish you want.

Aluminum & Glass Doors
A glass construction offers better illumination compared with other door styles. Your design options are limited, but you can tint the class for privacy.

Wood Doors
If you like a handcrafted look, consider cedar, mahogany, or other hardwood options, which can be unfinished if you want to paint them yourself.

The Importance of Storefront Glass

Commercial Glass Doors in Washington, D.C. | MidlandGlass.net

Any kind of storefront glass is important to the image of a business. From restaurants to boutiques to hardware stores, and more, no matter your business, appealing storefront glass goes a long way toward making your business a place that people want to be in.

Your storefront windows are the first thing that a customer sees; that first impression is your brief chance to appear inviting, welcoming, and attractive. Anyone who looks in can see what you have to offer, the look of the store, and view any of your window displays. Midland Glass provides stunning commercial glass doors in Washington, D.C., and throughout Maryland. Rely on an experienced team to make the difference between a customer coming in your store or walking past it. With our help, you can even order a custom glass that will match the type of business you own.

There are several considerations when you are replacing your glass storefront doors. You want to consider appearance, durability, and weight. You can also customize the look of your doors with architectural glass, which makes your business stand out from others. Create a unique look and make a statement with custom fabricated and installed glass storefront doors and windows.


How Long Should Garage Door Springs Last?

Garage Door Springs in Montgomery County, MD

A garage door spring is a torsion spring or extension spring that is responsible for the lifting and closing of your garage door. The breaking of a garage door spring is one of the leading causes of a broken garage door. Fixing a garage door spring is one of the most common repairs on garage doors. The typical lifespan of garage springs is from seven to nine years. Depending on how much the garage door is used, however, it may only last from four to six years. While it is rare, garage springs have been known to break in as little as a year or two. The longevity of a garage spring also depends on its quality.

One way to prevent your garage door springs from breaking is to conduct regular inspections and maintenance during the expected life of the torsion springs and to replace them at the end of their life cycle. You want to replace your springs with new ones before they snap, which can damage the door and cause a dangerous situation. Some of the common reasons for broken garage door springs include the following:

  • Rust
  • Too Much Pressure
  • Age

Contact Midland Garage Doors for repairs on your garage door springs in Montgomery County, MD. We offer affordable and fast service.


Broken Glass Requires Emergency Services

Commercial Glass Doors in Washington, D.C.

No matter how small the break, any cracked or damaged glass is a potential hazard. If your store or business glass is broken, it’s critical to get it repaired quickly. Before they even enter your store, the first impression customers have of your business is your storefront glass doors and windows. You can always rely on the help of Midland Glass, known for our effective and efficient repairs of commercial glass doors in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas. Our staff knows how critical it is to get your storefront glass repairs done without delay. You won’t have to close your business for days or risk the security of your store due to a cracked or broken glass window or door.

Midland Glass handles all types of glass and can assist in many different situations. We can match a variety of sizes, styles, tints, and colors. Count on our team to repair and install a variety of glass, including all of the following:

  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • High-Impact Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Plate Glass
  • Framed Glass Doors

When you need fast repairs any time of day work with trained technicians that are experienced and knowledgeable. Glass replacements need to be done by professionals. Call (301) 846-4188 for the help you need.

What to Consider when Installing a Glass Shower Door

Shower Doors in Frederick County, MD

There are numerous options to consider once you’ve decided you want to have a new glass shower door installed in your home. One way to cull through all of the choices is to ask a professional about all of the following questions and issues so that you feel completely confident in the decision you make.

  • You want the shower door that best goes with the floor plan of your bathroom. The options are a sliding door, a door and panel enclosure, or a swinging door. No two bathrooms are exactly alike, so you want to consider how yours will fit with your lifestyle.
  • If you are replacing an existing glass door, do you want to update your hardware or eliminate it? Some of the newer glass shower doors in Frederick County, MD, from Midland Glass may not even require a metal frame.
  • What kind of glass do you want in terms of thickness? Frameless shower doors become darker as the glass gets thicker. Thinner glass needs a metal frame.
  • There are choices in patterns and colors of glass, so you may know what style you want, or you may need time to figure out your preferences.

Whether you want in-stock glass shower doors or custom-crafted shower doors, visit MidlandGlass.net to review the choices you have when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Near Me

The garage door in your home or business adds value to your property. In addition to the many uses of your garage, an attractive garage door adds curb appeal and aesthetic value when it’s well maintained and working properly. If you aren’t sure about whether it’s time to replace your current garage door consider the following questions that should help you make your replacement decision.

Does Your Garage Door Sag?

Wooden garage doors are prone to sagging if they have not been regularly maintained. If the wood rots, decomposes, or deteriorates for another reason, sagging can be a serious problem. A sagging garage door, no matter what material it’s made from, is not safe.

Is It Noisy when Opening and Closing?

If your garage door is loud and noisy when it’s opened and closed, it’s probably time for a new garage door or a significant repair at the very least. The shakiness and consistent noise are indications that something is broken in your garage door and need immediate attention.

Difficult to Close and Open

Is your garage door getting harder to open and close in one smooth movement?  If so, it’s probably time to replace it rather than going for extensive repairs. If the garage door is relatively new, it might make sense to look into repairs; otherwise upgrading to a new one is the way to go.

Contact Midland Garage Doors when you are asking around about “where to find professionals that provide garage door repair near me.”


How to Choose Your Shower Doors

Shower Doors in Frederick County, MD

When you are ready to choose new glass shower doors, you have numerous options for everything from door-opening styles to glass types. The cost options vary widely too, so your budget will factor into your decision. The staff at Midland Glass and Garage Doors helps you with everything related to your search for new shower doors in Frederick County, MD. Some of the most important choices you will have to decide when you consider your new shower doors include:

  • Kind of Frame
    • Framed: Framed shower doors are the most common. The frame is typically made of aluminum and surrounds the glass panels. These glass doors open inwardly, an important design factor. Easy to install, framed options come with a track that collects water.
    • Frameless: These doors are made with heavy-duty glass that is supported by pivots. There are a number of designs that come with customization options. Also, they open both inwardly and outwardly and are easy to clean.
  • Type of Glass
    • Clear: The most traditional shower doors use clear glass because it is easy to maintain and lets in a lot of light.
    • Frosted: Frosted glass offers the most privacy. It lets in minimal light while one side is etched and the other is smooth.
    • Cast: These 3-dimensional glass doors are uniquely designed to ensure that your shower is the focal point of the bathroom.

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Welcome to our blog! Midland Glass and Garage Doors has been a reputable, family-run business since 1978. Anne and John Carroll are the current owners, and they are well-known for effective, efficient, and affordable operations. Additional family members are on staff along with a dedicated team of glaziers. We are committed to the 100% satisfaction of our commercial and residential customers in the Washington metropolitan area and throughout Frederick and Montgomery counties.

Custom glass is designed and fabricated in our Frederick, MD, shop. We handle projects of all sizes, scopes, and degrees of complexity. Whether your needs are to replace the windows on a historic building or to help you create your shower doors in Baltimore, MD, we’ve got you covered.

From ideas that include using antique glass for home restoration projects to removing water spots on your home’s windows, we plan to keep you interested, entertained, and informed with the articles on our blogs. Just a few of the forthcoming topics you will find here include:

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